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The Risks Implicated With Being a Landlord



Are you planning to rent out your home then you should be aware that there are risks related to being a Landlord? As a professional Property Management in Baltimore County, we prefer to be upfront about these risks so that you have pragmatic expectations. Many homeowners, after communicating with us, choose that becoming a Landlord is not the right option for them.


For us, it is important that you know the risks before entering into a Landlord/Tenant contract instead of after. To help you in deciding if being a Landlord is really, what you want to do we have some detailed risks set out here for you.


Receiving Rental Property Rent on Time


As property, managers have found during the time handling rental properties one of the risks you are going to face is the fact that not all tenants pay their rent on time. You may even find that some do not pay their rent. When it comes to tenant qualification, we are very careful, but the truth remains, some do trick us and we stay on top of these situations. As soon as tenants are late with their rental, we call and keep calling until we do get cooperation. If co-operations, not found amid the tenant, and us, we will file for eviction.


It is necessary to set these strict expectations as it alleviates problems down the road. If we as a Property Management Baltimore County, Maryland company do not lay down rules early in the relationship, there is a great chance that renters take advantage of the situation when it does arise.


Nonetheless, we advise that property owners continue to pay their mortgage on time to save their credit score. Therefore, in the event of late rental payments, you should prepare yourself to have added financial cushioning to pay your mortgage.


Damages to the Rental Property Home


Yes, there will always be wear and tear to the property. Some tenants do not care for rental homes as the property owner does. Still, unless the wear and tears just normal ageing of the fixtures and not beyond we as a Property Management company cannot charge the tenants for repairs. As a Landlord, you will have to be prepared to do touch up painting and cleaning/replacing of carpets.


You will find that the Property Management Companies in Baltimore County documents the home prior to renters moving in and ensure that all documentation after moving outs done. Comparisons done by us with the move in and move out of tenants to see whether occupants has damaged the property and held responsible for it.


Profitability of Rental Property


As a Landlord, you will not always be profitable. As with all stock investments, letting out a home investment and being a proprietor is not a short-term investment, but a long one. You may find that profits, not made every day but does come out ahead in the long term if you keep your eye on it day by day. There will be months/years that have more maintenance, problems with tenants, and difficulties.


Conversely, by taking a continuing view, preserving your home as much as probable, hiring an excellent Poperty Msanagement Baltimore County, Maryland company and getting outstanding tax guidance, being a Landlord is a superb venture prospect.

Give us a call, let us help so you identify well ahead of time what risks are involved with being a Landlord, and how to handle those risks.


How To Identify A Good Columbia Property Management Company?

Real estate sure is the best investment tool out there. The returns that it promises are extremely large, and the risk associated to it is usually less. Owning a property places you at a higher financial platform suddenly. What way do you use to make money out of it is your choice. You can either choose to sell it off and reap the profits, or you can rent it out and earn a regular monthly inflow of money. If you go for the latter option, then the entire task of making money from it is not very simple.

No matter how much of a good people your tenants are your property in going to suffer some damages anyway. You will be required to carry out extensive maintenance tasks, especially before renting it to new tenants. Moreover, the entire process of collecting monthly rentals from the tenants is quite hectic, and it multiplies further if you have multiple properties on rent. God forbid of your tenant turns out to be the bad guy, getting your property evacuated can be a very really tough job. And you have to manage all this besides your daily life routine. It is better to hire a good Columbia Property Management company and this is how you find one!

Make contacts: It is always wise to maintain good contacts with people working in the field of real estate. This includes real estate agents, dealers, consultants, etc. These guys are always on good terms with property management companies and can easily help you in finding them. Make sure you are also in good terms with them as they can refer you to very professional people.

Background research: When you have collected names of the various Property Management Companies in Columbia SC, carry out a good background research on them. See what properties have they been managing and check out their work there. This will give you a very good idea about how the company works. You can also search the internet thoroughly and read the user reviews for these companies.

Interviews: Plan a clever interview for the agents of the Columbia Property Management company. You can learn a lot about the professionalism and experience of the company just by the agent’s body language and presentation. Also ask them about what properties are they managing currently. If they choose to keep you in the dark about the same or hesitate while answering, know that the company you are interviewing is not a very experienced one!


Tips on Advertising Homes for Rent in Logan Utah

Do you want to rent out your property and make some steady income from the same? If you own the best rental unit in the ideal neighborhood, it would be best to rent it out and make passive Income from Homes For Rent in Logan Utah. Proper advertising can help you rent out your property easily. Let’s take a look at some of the tips that can help you rent out your properties in a hassle-free manner and find out reliable tenants who can take good care of rentals.

Your first step should be to click your property’s as many pictures as possible. You need to click high quality pictures of the property from inside and the outside. Every prospective renter would be interested in seeing the way your property looks from all the angels. If you want to receive massive feedback for Homes For Rent in Logan Utah, you would have to advertise your property with as many pictures as possible. You will surely receive lots of replies for your advertisement.

Next, you can make sure of different online platforms to advertise your homes available for rent. For a small fee, you can advertise your rentals at or even It would be best to write an effective ad copy if you want to get maximum replies to your rental advertisement. Include all the highlights of your property in the ad copy like the closest highways, schools, shopping malls, and recreational areas.

Other than this, when writing ad for your Homes For Rent in Logan Utah, it is important that you include information about the various amenities available with your properties. All recently updated items in your properties should be mentioned properly such as freshly painted walls, new carpets, or any other appliance. It would be best to include what all the rent would be inclusive of such as cable, water, and even utilities. And if the rent isn’t inclusive of all utilities, you should mention that as well.

Nonetheless, it is equally important for you to make sure that you do not discriminate your renters on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, or national origin when giving Homes For Rent in Logan Utah. Clearly state the number of rooms in the house and the number you would want to rent out to the renters. Is there any extra room in the house like a basement or even a sunroom? You can advertise your house easily using brochures and place them on community boards. However, before you go ahead and paste the brochures, it would be best to seek permission from the management. And if you have a bigger budget, you can even advertise on print and online platforms including newspapers, real estate magazines, and online directories.

Using all these tips and the information provided, you can certainly advertise your property well and reach out to a bigger audience. Make sure you advertise your Homes For Rent in Logan Utah well to ear n maximum profits.


Property Management Phoenix – How to eliminate plumbing related maintenance calls!

Imagine your life without indoor plumbing and on-demand hot water! Many of us take these important features for granted in our homes. We seem to forget about them – however when it comes to investment properties, plumbing systems can become a problem for many Property management Phoenix companies, especially on the pocket.

From personal experience, we know how expensive plumbing maintenance can be! Here we have outlined some items for you below and by following the information provided; you will save thousands of dollars over the course of owning a rental property.

Garbage Disposals Headaches

Garbage disposals that are “broken” are one of the most common calls Phoenix Property Management receive from tenants. The common problems with garbage disposals are normally a tripped breaker, requires disposal reset or the blades are jammed. By educating renters to resolve these common problems you can lessen costs. You can even go as far as leaving a ¼-inch Allen Wrench under the sink to use on the bottom of the disposal to clear jams that occur.

When you receive calls from occupants regarding disposal problems, ask detailed questions regarding disposal problem and press them to troubleshoot with you on the phone. If the person is not mechanically inclined, ask their roommate or spouse to contact you when they are available. This is much cheaper than sending out a plumber and paying trip charges, only to discover the breaker tripped.

Another great solution to eliminate disposal calls is by installing lifetime warranty disposals and can direct all renters’ calls directly to the disposal manufacturer’s hotline if they have problems.

Angle Stops

You say, Angle what? Yes, angle stops those small valves connecting the toilet or faucet to the water supply of the home. These small valves are a nightmare for any investor, especially when they wear out. We have found with many move-out inspections that the sink base cabinet has water damage and needs replacing very frustrating. Many times the cause of damage is leaking angle stops. We suggest in time that you replace all angle stops with quarter turn style stops as they are easier to turn on/off and harder to break or ‘over-tighten.’

Drain Blockage

Clear a drain cheap, cheap. For decades, we as a Property Management Phoenix Company know that renters cause these drain blockages from toilet paper, toy figurines in some occasions, and hair. Tree roots, drain breaks, and more cause some clogs outside. When it comes to tree roots, you cannot hold the occupant responsible – however, when it comes to diapers flushed down the toilet you can. Hence, before you let out your investment property, buy the property a Zip-It snake. This tool does a great job of clearing clogs caused by tenants. Leave one at the property, and when the next time your tenant calls you with a drain blockage, walk them through how you use this wonder tool.

Seeping Toilets

The calls, no property manager, or Landlord wants to receive, as they are easy to fix. It will only take two minutes of the renter’s time to figure out the problem on his or her own. The only problem is that tenants call and expect you to send someone out to adjust the toilet float. When you receive calls on trickling toilets remind considerately to look at the toilet float. You can send them a link or a DYI video link on how to adjust the float saving you money and time.

Broken Water-heaters

As a Landlord or Phoenix property management company, eventually you will face broken water heater problems. These usually consist of the occasional blown out pilot light for gas and tripped breakers for electric. Most hot water, phone calls are justifiable. You may think that you now need to replace the whole unit causing your cash flow a big dent. When it comes to water, heaters they tend to have long warranties and as you have had the unit so long, you tend to forget to look at the warranty. Alternatively, you bought the property with the water heater and do not know how old it is.

Claiming on a water heater warranty is simple! You can find all the information on the side of the unit from the manufacturer and can give them a call with the serial number. They will advise you if the unit is still under warranty. Many of the companies will not require the broken unit back and only advise you to peel off the sticker and go to one of the suppliers to pick up a new one. This we only figured out when we had been investing for a few years. This can save you thousands of dollars and with the information, provided we hope that we can save you some cash!


What is Normal Wear and Tear

Hi, Porter Brauen Real Estate & Property Management Services here hope you are doing well. Making out the difference among damage and normal wear, and tear is a problem that distresses many property owners. The question of the difference always arises and how to identify whether something was damaged or just worn.

Charging tenants for damages

When it comes to Property Management Portland companies can charge tenants for damages caused during their stay at property owner homes, but not for normal wear and tear. Property managers attend annual training courses to define among the differences of damage or wear and tear. With training property, managers’ know where to draw the line regarding this problem and informs proprietors accordingly.  As property managers’ we might not always completely agree to circumstances, but we base our opinions professionally on being in the industry for years.

Tenants are responsible for damages

When it comes to explicit damages caused by tenants, they are responsible for the costs. However, you need to consider that interior paint and coverings on floors have a life span. The tenant is only responsible for the charges during the time they have rented the home if there are losses regarding the paint and floors. When it comes to floor coverings and the interior paint anything charged to the tenant needs to be pro-rated.

Ten-year lifespan for flooring

When it comes to flooring, most Portland Property Management companies use a ten-year normal lifespan. If your home has a new carpet when the renter moves in, and only lives there for two years and in the two years spill some red wine or bleach on the carpet in one room you cannot keep the tenant responsible for the entire cost of a new carpet in that room. We expect the property owner to provide a covering for floors and carpets while renters are in their home. When it comes to bleaching and wine stains, we consider them as wear and tear that takes place while tenants rent homes from property owners.

By using the ten-year lifespan for floor coverings and carpets, the proprietor loses eight years of life on carpets in the room. So charging the renter 80 percent of replacement costs in the room is fair. The court generally accepts these forms of calculations and the attorney’s, property managers’ deal with this as fair to both the tenants and property owners.

Five-year lifespan on paint

When it comes to paint property managers use the same calculation over a five-year lifespan. We expect that the proprietor paint the interior of the home at least every five years. Wear and tear is prejudiced while tenants are living in a rented home and all depends on what degree wear and tears caused throughout the stay of the renter.

Contact us

If you are not sure about wear and tear concerns regarding your property then contact us at Porter Brauen Real Estate & Property Management Services. We are here to help you in finding new tenants, take care of your property, and rent. We help you with all unanswered questions regarding property rentals.