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What is Normal Wear and Tear

Hi, Porter Brauen Real Estate & Property Management Services here hope you are doing well. Making out the difference among damage and normal wear, and tear is a problem that distresses many property owners. The question of the difference always arises and how to identify whether something was damaged or just worn.

Charging tenants for damages

When it comes to Property Management Portland companies can charge tenants for damages caused during their stay at property owner homes, but not for normal wear and tear. Property managers attend annual training courses to define among the differences of damage or wear and tear. With training property, managers’ know where to draw the line regarding this problem and informs proprietors accordingly.  As property managers’ we might not always completely agree to circumstances, but we base our opinions professionally on being in the industry for years.

Tenants are responsible for damages

When it comes to explicit damages caused by tenants, they are responsible for the costs. However, you need to consider that interior paint and coverings on floors have a life span. The tenant is only responsible for the charges during the time they have rented the home if there are losses regarding the paint and floors. When it comes to floor coverings and the interior paint anything charged to the tenant needs to be pro-rated.

Ten-year lifespan for flooring

When it comes to flooring, most Portland Property Management companies use a ten-year normal lifespan. If your home has a new carpet when the renter moves in, and only lives there for two years and in the two years spill some red wine or bleach on the carpet in one room you cannot keep the tenant responsible for the entire cost of a new carpet in that room. We expect the property owner to provide a covering for floors and carpets while renters are in their home. When it comes to bleaching and wine stains, we consider them as wear and tear that takes place while tenants rent homes from property owners.

By using the ten-year lifespan for floor coverings and carpets, the proprietor loses eight years of life on carpets in the room. So charging the renter 80 percent of replacement costs in the room is fair. The court generally accepts these forms of calculations and the attorney’s, property managers’ deal with this as fair to both the tenants and property owners.

Five-year lifespan on paint

When it comes to paint property managers use the same calculation over a five-year lifespan. We expect that the proprietor paint the interior of the home at least every five years. Wear and tear is prejudiced while tenants are living in a rented home and all depends on what degree wear and tears caused throughout the stay of the renter.

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