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Property Management Phoenix – How to eliminate plumbing related maintenance calls!

Imagine your life without indoor plumbing and on-demand hot water! Many of us take these important features for granted in our homes. We seem to forget about them – however when it comes to investment properties, plumbing systems can become a problem for many Property management Phoenix companies, especially on the pocket.

From personal experience, we know how expensive plumbing maintenance can be! Here we have outlined some items for you below and by following the information provided; you will save thousands of dollars over the course of owning a rental property.

Garbage Disposals Headaches

Garbage disposals that are “broken” are one of the most common calls Phoenix Property Management receive from tenants. The common problems with garbage disposals are normally a tripped breaker, requires disposal reset or the blades are jammed. By educating renters to resolve these common problems you can lessen costs. You can even go as far as leaving a ¼-inch Allen Wrench under the sink to use on the bottom of the disposal to clear jams that occur.

When you receive calls from occupants regarding disposal problems, ask detailed questions regarding disposal problem and press them to troubleshoot with you on the phone. If the person is not mechanically inclined, ask their roommate or spouse to contact you when they are available. This is much cheaper than sending out a plumber and paying trip charges, only to discover the breaker tripped.

Another great solution to eliminate disposal calls is by installing lifetime warranty disposals and can direct all renters’ calls directly to the disposal manufacturer’s hotline if they have problems.

Angle Stops

You say, Angle what? Yes, angle stops those small valves connecting the toilet or faucet to the water supply of the home. These small valves are a nightmare for any investor, especially when they wear out. We have found with many move-out inspections that the sink base cabinet has water damage and needs replacing very frustrating. Many times the cause of damage is leaking angle stops. We suggest in time that you replace all angle stops with quarter turn style stops as they are easier to turn on/off and harder to break or ‘over-tighten.’

Drain Blockage

Clear a drain cheap, cheap. For decades, we as a Property Management Phoenix Company know that renters cause these drain blockages from toilet paper, toy figurines in some occasions, and hair. Tree roots, drain breaks, and more cause some clogs outside. When it comes to tree roots, you cannot hold the occupant responsible – however, when it comes to diapers flushed down the toilet you can. Hence, before you let out your investment property, buy the property a Zip-It snake. This tool does a great job of clearing clogs caused by tenants. Leave one at the property, and when the next time your tenant calls you with a drain blockage, walk them through how you use this wonder tool.

Seeping Toilets

The calls, no property manager, or Landlord wants to receive, as they are easy to fix. It will only take two minutes of the renter’s time to figure out the problem on his or her own. The only problem is that tenants call and expect you to send someone out to adjust the toilet float. When you receive calls on trickling toilets remind considerately to look at the toilet float. You can send them a link or a DYI video link on how to adjust the float saving you money and time.

Broken Water-heaters

As a Landlord or Phoenix property management company, eventually you will face broken water heater problems. These usually consist of the occasional blown out pilot light for gas and tripped breakers for electric. Most hot water, phone calls are justifiable. You may think that you now need to replace the whole unit causing your cash flow a big dent. When it comes to water, heaters they tend to have long warranties and as you have had the unit so long, you tend to forget to look at the warranty. Alternatively, you bought the property with the water heater and do not know how old it is.

Claiming on a water heater warranty is simple! You can find all the information on the side of the unit from the manufacturer and can give them a call with the serial number. They will advise you if the unit is still under warranty. Many of the companies will not require the broken unit back and only advise you to peel off the sticker and go to one of the suppliers to pick up a new one. This we only figured out when we had been investing for a few years. This can save you thousands of dollars and with the information, provided we hope that we can save you some cash!